Tujhay dhoonta thha main charr soo, tayri shaan jalla jala-luhu
Tu mila qarceb ragay gulu. tayri shaan jalla jala-luhu.

Tayri yaad mayn hai kali kali. hai chaman chamam main hu-wal ali
Tu basa hai phool meyn hu bahu, tayri shaan jalla jala-luhu.

Tayri justaju meyn hai faakhta, kay kahaan tu jalwa dikha-ay ga,
Usay wird-ku koo hai koo bakoo, tayri shaan jalla jala-luhu.

Tayray hukm say jo hawa chalee, to chatak kay bow-li kali kali,
Hai Kareem too hai Raheem too, tayri shaan jalla jala-luhu.

Tayra jalwa downo jahaan meyn hai tayra noor kowno makaan meyn hai,
Yahaan too-hee too wahaan too-hee too, tayri shaan jalla jala-luhu.

Man seeks his Creator in the four corners of the globe, but in fact the  Creator is nearer to him than his jugular vein.  How glorious is Allah the Most High.  He is evident in all His creation, the trees, the flowers, the fruits, etc.  Oh Allah, Thou art truly magnificent. Thou commandeth the winds to blow: whereupon the flowers bloom to sing the praises of Thy Magnificence and Mercy.  Thy Presence is in both the worlds and Thy Light is manifest in Time and Space. Thou art indeed Almighty. Glory be to Thee.

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