Aah jaatee hai falak parr Rahm laanay kay leeyay,
Baad-lo hath ja-o day-do raah jaanay kay leeyay.

Ai dua’ a arz karr arrshay ilaahee thaa~nk ay,
Ya Khuda ab fayr-day din garrdishay ai-yaam kay

Dhoond tay hai ab madaawa sowzishay gam kay leeyay,
Karr rahay hain zakhm dill firryaad marrham kay leeyey

Rahm karr ai mayray mowla bakshday mayree khata,
Ham tujhay bhoolay hai laykin too na hamko bhoolja.

Khalk kay raanday huway dunia kay thhuk raa-ay hu-ay,
Are-ayn hai ham darrpay tayray haath phaila-ay hu-ay.

Khwaar hai badkaar hai doobee huwee zillat mai hai,
Kuch bhee hai laykin tayray mahboob kee ummat mai hain.


What an emotion is produced when we make this appeal,
Let the Cloud give way to our spirit and zeal.
Oh Prayer! convey this to Allah with humility,
Oh God! change the course of our misfortune and misery.
We are searching with forbearance, Thy benevolent favour,
Our minds are warped, but we will always endeavour.
Oh Allah! have mercy, and forgive us our faults,
We have all forgotten Thee, but do Thou remember us.
Rejected by the world, we are roaming here and there,
To Thy mercy we have come with our hands outstretched in fear.
We are unworthy we are sinful, we are down and degraded,
No mattter what we are, we are servants of Thy beloved.

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