Duniya say dill lagaa karr duniya say kya melayga,
Yaaday khuda keeyay ja tujkho khuda melayga.

Dowlat ho yaa haqoomat, Taaqat ho yaa jawaanee,
Harr cheese mitnay waalee,’Harr cheese aa-nee jaanee.

Yey sab ghuroor ekdin mittee ma ja melayga,
Yaaday khuda keeyay ja Tujhko khuda melayga

Aataa naheen palatkarr guzra huwa zamaana,
Kya khwaab ka bharowsa kya mout ka thhekaana

Kyoun zindagee gawaan karr kya fa-eda melayga,
Yaaday khuda keeyay ja tujhko khuda melayga.

Takdeerr jo dikha-ay chup chaap daykhta chal,
Eemaan kay sahaaray naykee ka raasta chal.

Iss raastay pay aakarr harr raasta melayga,
Yaaday khuda keeyay ja tujhko khuda melayga.


Be it wealth or be it power; be it strength or be it youth; everything will vanish as they will come and go. One day your proud self will also lie the bowels of the earth. Therefore seek and remember Allah, and you shall surely find Him. The past never returns. Do you depend on dreams or longevity? Why waste your valuable existence oh mankind? If you do you would lose in the end. So search for Allah and you shall find Him.  Disregard the evil inclination of strength and wealth, rather, be quiet patient; and with the aid of you faith seek the path of benevolence. path when found will lead to all righteous paths. So fear Allah, remember Him, serve Him and you shall find Him.

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