Mahboobay Khuda matloobay Khuda ai salli ala Subhaan Allah,
Aisa ko-e banda hai na huwa ai ssalli ala subhaan Allah.

Kya rooway munawwarr aap ka thha, ai salli ala Subhaan Allah,
Jis jis nay daykha wo sab nay kaha ai salli ala subhan Allah.

Jis looh pay naamay paak likha, harr harf mai chamka nooray Khuda,
Khush ho kay qalam nay dee yay sada, ai salli ala Subhaan Allah.

Mearaaj kee shab thhee wasl kee shab, khilwat mai huway mahboobay talab,
Baaton mai khulay israaray Khuda, ai salli ala Subhaan Allah.

Wash-shams hai rukh wal fajr jabeen, wal lail hai zulfay muskh ageen,
Qur-an mai kee kha-lik nay sana, ai salli ala Subhaan Allah.

Adam nay jo khowlee chasm yaqeen, nazron main samaaya arrshay bareen,
Naam aapka daykha uspay likha, ai salli ala Subhaan Allah.


Oh! The blessed one, the Beloved of God, the desired of God. Glory be to God. There has never been any Servant of God like you, neither will there ever be one.  What a graceful personality he had. Everyone who met him said – “Blessed be he. Glory be to God!”  When thy name was written on the Tablet, every letter shone with the light of God. The Pen cried in delight: “Blessed be he. Glory be to God.”  His face is like the sun, his forehead like the morning light, his hair dark the night. God praised him in the Holy Qur-an. Blessed be he. Glory be to God.” When Adam opened his eyes and cast his sight on the Throne, he saw your name written on it. O Muhammed Blessed be thou.

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