Downo aalam hain noorun ala noor kyun
Kaisee rownaq fiza aaj kee raat hai.

Yay masarrat hai kiskee mulaaqaat kee
Eid ka din hai yay aaj kee raat hai.

Toor chowtee ko apnay jhuka-nay laga
Chandnee chand harsoo bichha-nay laga.

Arrsh say farrsh tak jagmaga-nay laga
Rashk subho safa aaj ki raat hai.

Farrsh kowno makan main hai kamkhwaabka
Hai yay manee kay sowna nahee hai rawa.

Sownay waalon ko akseer hai jaagna
Jaag-lo ratjaga aaj kee raat hai.

Barq say tayz hai yay buraaq aapka
Kyon kay Khaaliq ko hai ishtiyaaq aapka.

Ab nahee daykha jaata firaaq aapka
Jald chalna rawa aaj kee raat hai.

Wo habeebay khuda saiyi-dul mursaleen
Khaatimul ambiya shaahay duniya o deen

Bazmqowsain main hongay masnad nasheen
Jashn mearaj ka aaj kee raat hai.


Why are the worlds beaming with splendour, what a spectacle to admire this glorious night? Why such happiness, whose meeting is this?  It’s Muhammad the well-wisher bright. The mountain-tops bow down in adoration. The moonbeams spread afar and wide. There is brilliance and splendour from heaven to earth.  The voice of Allah is the universal guide.  The inhabitants of heaven are wide awake.  Verily, this night is not meant for sleep.  The gift of sleep is taken away as the buraq moves with lighting speed.  The Beloved of Allah, the leader of all, the seal of the Prophets, the King of the world.  He reaches the throne and completes the flight.  Celebrate this oh Muslims, this ascension tonight.

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