Mayray mo-een hain Rasoolay akbarr, Salaatu Rabbee alaa Muhammad
Wohee to hongay shafee-ay mahsharr, Salaatu Rabbee alaa Muhammad

Wohee hai mahboobay Rabbay akbarr,
Wohee hai matloobay harr do aalam,
Shafee-ay mahsharr wo hain payambarr,
Salaatu rabbee alaa Muhammad.

Mo-een hamaara hai wo payambarr
Rasool apna hai wo dilaawarr,
Fida hun sau-jaan say uss nabi parr
Salaatu rabbee alaa Muhammad.

Wohee hain saaqee-ay howzay kau-sarr
Wohee hain mukhtaaray ro-zay mehsharr.
Wohee hain haamee wohee hain yaa-warr
Salaatu rabbee alaa Muhammad.

Wohee hain arrshay bareen kay taaray wohee hain rabbay jahaan kay pyaaray.
Wohee hain shaahay ghareeb parrwarr
Salaatu rabbee alaa Muhammad.

Janaabay Ahmad farishta seerat bahaar gulzaaray baagh wahdat,
Wohee hain arrshee wohee hain rahbarr
Salaatu rabbee alaa Muhammad.

The greatest Prophet, the most beloved of the Almighty God, and the intercessor for trangressors on the day of reckoning, is Muhammad Mustafa, my patron, Allah’s blessing be upon him.  He who is the luminary of the highest heavens, the greatest benefactor of the weak and distressed, is none else than Muhammad our friend and advocate. Allah’s blessiilgs be upon him. the most exalted and praised one, the c~rltivator of the flourishing garden of unity, the possessor of angelic qualities, the invitee to the Divine Throne, is Muhammad our guardian and our guide. May Allah shower His blessing upon him.

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