Haajat rawa-ee hotee hai parrhna darood ka
Allah nay yay marrtaba baksha darood ka.

Marrnay kay baad khuld may, usko jagahmillay,
Jo iss jagaypay wird hai rakkta darood ka.

Jo kuch dua karo to bahut jald ho qubool,
Ai mo-mino asar hai yay parrhna darood ka

Hazrat pay ek darood jo bhayjo to das milay
Daykho zara sawaab hai kaisa darood ka.

Jo marrz la dawa ho yay uska ilaaj hai
Hamnay bhala asar hai yay daykha darood ka

God has given a position to Darood (sending Blessing on the Prophet) that it is a key to the solution of wants.  He who reads with understanding Darood in this world will enter the Never-ending bliss after death. The effect of Darood is that any desirable request is fulfilled.  If you send Darood on the Prophet once, you are blessed ten times. We have seen the benefits of Darood that it is a CURE for the most incurable ills.

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