Aaj hai moulood akram assala-tu wassalaam
Rehnuma duniya mai aa-ay assala-tu wassalaam.

Jab huway paida Muhammad mushk kee aa-ee hawa.
Bharr ga-ee khushbu say duniya assala-tu wassalaam.

Noor paysha-nee say chamka saaray gharr row-shan huway,
Jibraeel aakarr pukaara assala-tu wassalaam.

Paida ho-kay sijda karr kay youn kaha ilhaan say,
Baksh ummat ko Khuda ya assala-tu wassalaam.

Ba-adab ho karr farish-tay marrhaba kehnay lagay,
Khud Khuda khush ho kay bola-aassala-tu wassalaam.


Today is the blessed birthday celebration of Muhammad on whom be Blessing and Peace. He came as a guide for the world, on him be Blessing and Peace.  When Muhammad was born, the whiffs of mushk came and filled the world with fragrance. The light of Prophethood and Truth shone from his forehead and lit all the homes. He went into prostration after his birth and begged Allah for the forgiveness of the community of Truth.  The Angels exclaimed with great respect, “How splendid.” Allah was so pleased that He said: “Blessings and Peace on Muhammad.”

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