Taareef uss Khuda kee jisnay jahaan banaaya,
Kaisee zameen banaee kya aasmaan banaaya.

Pairon talay bicha-ya kya khoob farrsh khaakee,
Aurr sarrpay la-jawarr-dee ek saa-ebaan banaaya.

Mittee say bael bootay kya khushnama uga-ay,
Kya khoob chashm toonay ai mehraban banaaya

Sooraj say hamnay pa-ee garrme bhee rowshnee bhee,
Kya khoob chashm toonay ai mehraban banaaya.

Rahmat say tayree kya kya hai neimatay mayassarr.
In neimaton ka mujhko kya quadradaan banaaya.

Harr cheese say hai tayree kaaree-garee tapaktee,
Yay ka-rakha-na toonay kab ra-aygaan banaaya.

How wonderful is His creation of the earth and the sky.  What a wonderful earthen carpet is spread at out feet, and what a vast blue canopy is provided over our heads.  From the earth has sprung beautiful shrubs and plants which adorn the earth in green like a robe of honour.  The sun provides warmth and light, and the fountains and springs are evidence of Allah’s kindness to man.  Through Allah’s mercy and blessings, we receive the necessary favours which ensures our existence.  Oh Allah! Your artistry is abundantly evident in every thing and Your architecture is beyond description. Certainly all these are full with significance and were not brought into being in vain.

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