Sarrwaray harr dowsara paida huway
Jin pay aashik hai Khuda paida huway.

Aaj fakhray anbiya paida huway
Ba-esay arrzo samah paida huway

Jo gunah gaaron ko baksha ayn gay wo
Ha-me-ay rozay jaza paida huway.

Jinka shaida khud Khuda-ay paak hai
Wo nabee sally ‘ala paida huway.

Noor say aalam munav-varr ho gaya
Jis gharee nooray Khuda paida huway

Kufr kee zulmat karayngay doorr jo
Wo shahay bad-rud duja paida huway,

Waastay ab aakhree ummat kee lo
Raahay haq kee rahnuma paida huway


Today is born the head of Allah’s creation. The Prophet who changed the course of history in just twenty-three years. The apostle who will stand to plead for his followers on judgement day; whose brilliant light has removed the darkness from the heart of all true Muslims the world over, whose Qur’an is a regular guide to the scientists of the twentieth century.  The Prophet who changed the unbelieving, barbarous, and wicked people of Arabia to peace. uliity and self-respect. And he can also change us if we are true to his teachings.

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