Khaaliq nayn kya banaa-ee hai nooray nazar namaaz,
Andhera thaa jahaan may na ho-tee agar namaaz.

Parhtay hai khouf haq say jo baa chashm tarr naniaaz,
Unkay leeyay beechha-ay gee nooray saqarr namaaz.

Rehtee hai jinko fikr naniaazon kee raat din,
Go-ya wo parhhtay rehtay hain aathon paharr namaaz.

Kaano mai bas azaan-o-iqaamat to ho chukee,
Baaqee rahee faqat teree ai baykhabarr namaaz.

Unkay leeyay ban-ay gee yay gharr bahisht main,
Duniya mai jinkay dilmay bana-tee hai gharr namaaz.

Ha-zirr ho too namaz mai rakh dilko ai faqeerr,
Kuch tow samajh kay too hai kahaan aurr kidharr namaaz.


The institution of Namaaz (Prayers) as prescribed by Allah is like the light which removes all darkness from the universe. (Indeed the universe would  become dark if people did not pray). Those who pray with fear in hearts for Allah, will truimph over the fire of hell, and when they die, they will lie in their grave quite comfortably. He who constantly remembers his prayers (Namaaz) is like him who prays night and day. When the azaan is given it becomes compulsory upon everyone who hears it to hearken to the call and fill that duty. A home in heaven will be prepared in advance for all those who by reading Namaaz as it is prescribed by Allah have cleansed and purified their own heearts.  Oh Muslims! offer your prayers five times a day. Remember, no matter how strong or wealthy you might be you are woefully insignificant in the presence of your Creator and Master.

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