Mo-mino ik Roze iss dunya say uthna hai zaroor.
Za-iqa iss mowt ka ik rose chakhna hai zaroor.

Ho sakay jitnee ibaadat aaj karrlo dose-to,
Warrna kal mehsharr mayn pachhta-ogay Haq Kay Ro-baro

Zindagee ka kuchh bharosa bas naheen ai dose-to.
Hai jahan rahna sada saamaan tum uska karo.

Zindagee ko jaan lo kaagaz ki kishtee tum tamaam,
Aaj na doobee to kal doobaygee yaaro la kalaam.

Hai jo furrsat tumko issdam yay ghaneemat jaan lo,
Jo kay karrna hai isee mayn aaj karrlo dose-to.

Warrna jisdam mowt aakarr kay kharee ho ja-ay gee.
Aik dam mayn sarthh apnay tujhko yay layja aygee.

Maal-o-dowlat sabka sab yun-hee para rah ja-ayga,
Bas wohee aamaal ho hain saathh tayray ja-ayga.

Jis gharee wo haq Ta-aala munsafee parr aa-ayga,
Baap ma farrzanduzan ko-e nahee kaam aa-ayga.

Kaam aa-ayga naheem ko-e wahaan ai purrkhata,
Yay kay ho aamaal tayra ya kay ho sathee Khuda.


Oh believers! remember that you will leave this world some day, of a surety you will be made to taste of death one day. You should therefore serve your creator as often as you may, And leave no room for regrets on the judgement day. This wordly life is temporary O brothers and friends beware, But the hereafter is everlasting, take stock and prepare. Remember too that this is a paper boat on sea, To sink it will one day for sure no matter what it be. Make use of every opportunity before calamity comes, Do not postpone your duty make sure that it is done. When death approaches anyone, there is no time to act, Within a flash your life is gone, who dare deny this fact. Your wealth and riches remain behind, nothing can go with you, Except your deeds which you’ve stored, may Allah help you. When Allah calls for your account on judgement day, take heed!

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