Khuda ya azmatay Islam kay sa-maan paida karr,
Musalmaano mai Apna ishq ai Rahmaan paida karr.

Mitay ba-til jahaan say millatay haq ka bajoy danda,
Dilay murrda mai Muslim kay Khuda ya jaan paida karr.

Musalman narga-ay agh-yaar mai muddat say hayn mowla,
Hamaari Fath-o-Nusrat ka ko-e sa-maan paida karr.

Chalayn nakshay kafay pa-ay Nabee parr, zindagee bharr ham,
Hamaaray qalb O dilmayn jazba-ay eemaan paida karr.

Na ho maayus too ai yaar apnay Rab kee Rahmat say,
Magaar dil may zara sidq O sifa kee shaan paida karr.


Oh Allah re-create for us, the atmosphere of Islam Glory. Let there compassion and love within the Muslim community. Let truth and right prevail over falsehood. Let there be life in the dead members of the Faith.  Muslims have been the victims of evil forces, let the light of Victory find its rightful place. Enable us to follow in the footsteps of the Holy Prophet at all times. Fill our hearts and minds with faith. The careless need not despair if they become alive to the Glorious Truth.

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