Kuch khabarr bhee hai kay yay kya ai musalmaan ho gaya
Rafta rafta dilsay gha-ib zowqay Qur’an ho gaya.

Maanta hai too kay hai Qur’an farrmaanay Khuda
Kis leeyay phirr aisee mermat say gureezaan ho gaya.

Daawaa-ay Islam laykin yay sulookay na-rawa
Harr musalmaan bay myaa-zay ilmay Qur’an ho gaya

Ma-na-o matlab samajh-karr ho-ee parhta hee naheen
Aahh yay kaisa riwaaj ai ahlay eemaan ho gaya.

Tarrkay Qur’an kay siwaa iska sabab ko-ee naheen
Jo na ho-na thha wo baycha-ra musalmaan ho gaya.

Laakh cha-hay ko-ee yay Qur’an mit sakta naheen
Hashr tak Allah jiska khud negehbaan ho gaya.


Why is it, oh Muslim, that the love of the Holy Qur’an has gradually disappeared from your heart?  You have the faith that Qur’an is the Word of Allah,Why then are you trying to run away from such a blessed gift?  The claim to Islam and this shamefully unfair treatment.  Every Muslim has become apathetic to the knowledge of Al-Qur’an.  Alas! nobody reads it with the understanding of the meaning and purpose,why this custom, oh faithful?  Leaving Al-Qur’an is the only reason why the Muslims have not made progress.Al-Qur’an cannot be destroyed regardless of the efforts made to this end.  For Allah will protect it until the end of time.

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