Khuda kee jiss kisee banday ko taa-at ho to aisee ho,
Rahay Raazee raza parrwo itaa-‘at ho to aisee ho.

Muhammad nay bataaya hai hamay Islam ka rasta,
‘Inaayat ho to aisee ho hidaayat ho to aisee ho.

Umar nay dee saza apnay pisar ko adl kartay mayn,
Reyaasat ho to aisee ho adaalat ho to aisee ho.

Tilaawat beech Qur-an kay huwa ai qatl Uthman ka,
Shahaadat ho to aisee ho adaalat ho to aisee ho.

Tayray harr shair mayn Hasrat baree paakeez-gee daykhee,
Nazaaqat ho to aisee ho lataafat ho to aisee ho.


True submission is that which makes each worshipper resign himself to the will of Allah. The bestowal of favour and guidance must be like showing the path of Islam by Muhammad (u.w.b.p). Umar Farook harshly punished his son for the sake of justice. If there is Law and Government, it must be like this. If there is martyrdom, it must be like that of Uthman Ghany, who was assassinated whilst reciting the Holy Qur’an. Never was the Holy Prophet forsaken by his companions.  If there is loyalty, it must be like this. If there is companionship, it must like this. I see grace and purity in your poem, oh Hasrat. If there is elegance and beauty, it must be like this.

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