Farz hai hamparr Muhammad Mustafa kee ittiba,
Saiyadil kownain khatmul ambiya kee ittiba.Hai hama-ray waastay shamah siraato noor gowr,
Hazratay shamsudduha badrudduja kee ittiba.Paysh farrma-nay khuda-o nazd irrsha-day Rasool,
Ho nahee saktee kisee sha-hay gada kee ittiba.Ahlay sunnat parr muna-sib hai baa-irsha-day Rasool,
Chaar yaaraanay, nabeeyay mujtaba kee ittiba.Garr ghazab say qaaziay mahsharr, kay bachna hai ajee,
Karr hamaysha sha-fiay rowzay jaza kee ittiba.Manzilay maksood parrwo kis taray pahunchay ga aah,
Tarrkjo karrta naheen nafso hawa kee ittiba.Karr amal Qur-an sunnat pan yahee hai raahay deen,
Chhowr ibleesay qadeemal ashqiya kee ittiba.

It is our duty to obey Muhammad, the purifier, the leader of the two worlds,  the Seal of the Prophets.  The obedience of the Prophet who is the morning sun and the shinning full-moon – acts as the lamp of our paths and the light in the darkness of our graves. We should also follow the way of the four friends of the Holy Prophet because the Prophet himself recommended this.  If you want to be safe from the wrath of the Judge on the Day or Reckoning, then always obey the Interceder of that Day.  He who does not give up the obedience to his low desires cannot reach the destination.  The correct path of Religion is to act according to the Holy Qur-an and the Way of the Prophet.  Stop obeying the Devil, the most ancient of the hard-hearted rebels.