Falak parr showr hai barr pa Rasoolullah aatay hain
Harr-ik arrshee yay hai kehta Rasoolullah aatay hain.

Bicha-o farrsh ankhon ka tasadduq jaan-o dilsay ho
Kaha Adam nay ai Huwwa Rasoolullah aatay hain.

Tajally toor parr daykhee jo thhee wo daykhlo issdam
Kaha Jibrell nay Moosa Rasoolullah aatay hain.

Jo thay deedaar kay mushtaaq Yusuf yay khabarr sunkarr
Yay kahtay thay dilay shaida Rasoolullah aatay hain.

Shafa-at kee ijaazat lay kay jab aa-ayngay mahsharr may
Gunah gaaron may ghul ho-ga Rasoolullah aatay hain.


The heavens are filled with the tune of greetings and welcome to Muhammad. “Welcome to you, oh Prophet,” the inhabitants of the heavens say.  Greetings are exchanged between Muhammad and all the bygone Prophets of Allah, who meet their leader with pleasure and happiness on this night, the night of the Mearaaj. When on the judgement day the Holy Prophet is given the permission to intercede for the sinners, they will exclaim with joy: “The Holy Prophet is coming!”

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