Mahboobay jahan hazratay maahay Ramzan hai.
Kya shaan hai kya shou-katay maahay Ramzan hai

Darr band hai dowzakh kay to jannat kay khulay heyn.
Daykho to ajab zeenatay maahay Ramzan hai.

Qur-an ka nazool hai isee meyn hai shab qadar,
Kya marrtaba kya izzatay maahay Ramzan hai.

Sab hukm baja-la-o tum awr ghowr say daykho,
Kya rahmatay haq aayatay maahay Ramzan hai,

Harr shaksko harr cheese say karrday gee gani yay,
Qismat meyn agarr dowlatay maahay Ramzan hai.


The month of Ramadan is the leader of Time,
What a glory! what a blessing! so sweet and sublime.
It graces mankind but once a year, to give believers all the cheer.
The doors of Heaven are open wide,
The hell is closed, and one can decide.
To reap the blessings which Ramadan brings,
In days and nights, the voice that sings.
Behold the divine reward (which) is to be,
For everyone, it is ten times seventy.
Came the Holy Qur-an in the night of Majesty.
To guide Mankind. the way to Piety,
Throughout the course of time.

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