Chiraag dil kay jalla-o kay Eid ka din hai,
Taraanay Eid kay ga-o kay Eid ka din hai

Gamo ko dilsay bhula-o kay Eid ka din hai,
Khushee kee bazm saja-o kay Eid ka din hai.

Khusha kay aaj hai sijda nawaaz showq ko-e,
Sarr niyaaz jhuka-o kay Eid ka din hai.

Eid aa-ee nae subho nae shaam kay sarth,
Aaj harr zarray pay chha-ee huwee raana-ee hai.

Khul gaya zabt muhabbat ka josh Eid ka din hai,
Kyun na ho rangeen jahaan Eid ka din aa-ee hai.


Kindle the light of your heart for Eid is come,
Sing songs of joy and happiness for Eid is come.
Banish the thoughts of depression and celebrate today,
Create the atmosphere of joy and put your problems away.
For everyone is happy to join the assembly,
And bow their heads together with pride and dignity.
A new feeling has dawned, a feeling of reality,
A feeling of intense love for all humanity.
Why, the world seems alight, the darkness is gone,
Come let us celebrate by prayers and thanks to God.

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