Dila gaafil na ho yakdam yay duniya chhowrr jaana hai,
Bagaechay chhowrr karr khaalee zameen andarr samaana hai

Tera naazuk badan bhaee jo laytay sage phoolon parr,
Huwayga ake-din murrda yay keeron kay khaana-hai.

Ajal kay roze ko harr yaad karr saamaan chalnay ka,
Zame kay farrsh parr sowna jo eento ka sarrhaana hai,

Na beelee ho sakay bha-ee na bayta baap na ma-ee,
Kiya firrta hai sowda-ee amal nay kaam aana hai.

Ghalat fehmeed hai tayree nahee aaraam iss pulmay,
Musaafirr baywatan hai too kahaan tayra thheekaana hai.

Azeezo yaad karr wo din jo malkal mout aaway ga,
Na jaa-way saath ko-ee tayray, akayla tujhko jaana hai.


Oh!  take heed, you will leave this fascinating world some day. All the beauty and luxury of this life will be left right here. The beautiful mansions, the spring-filled mattresses and foam pillows will give way to the hard surface of the earth, with hungry worms under you. No family or friend will look for you or accompany you in your dark chamber. Oh man, take stock. This world is like a foreign land where we are intransit. Remember, friends, the Angel of Death will come for you some day just as he came for your beloved friends and relatives.

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