Jannat mayn makaan apna banaatay hain namaazee,
Masjid mayn baray showq say jaatay hain namaazee.

Ma-bood bhee khush ho-ta hai mahboob bhee ra-zee,
Sijday kay leeyay sarjo jhuka-tay hain namaazee.

Sahro zuhar o’asr ko magrib ko Esha ko,
Allah kay darbaar mayn jaatay hain namaazee.

Darrty hain qaza ho-nay say mit-tay hain ada parr,
Jaan apnee namaazon main lara-tay hain namaazee.

Kehta hai yay darwaazay pay daarogh-ayJannat,
Hatt ja-o kay Firrdows main aatay hain namaazee.


Worshippers build their dwellings in paradise,since they go to the mosques with zeal. When the worshipper prostrates in sijda, Almighty Allah and His Beloved Prophet are pleased. The worshipper is present in the Court of Allah five times a day, that is, at Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Esha. : namaazees are afraid of missing namaz, They spend their lives doing their utmost to read namaz in time. On the Day of Judgement, the keeper of Paradise will say, “Out of the way! the namaazees are coming to occupy their rightful places.”

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