Tayray dandaan hayn daray adni mayray pyaray Rasoolay madni
Sadqay qaamat pay sarr wa chamani mayray pyaray Rasoolay madni.

Toonay Kaaba mayn jalwa dikha karr downo aalam ko shaida bana kaar
Shaan karrdi ayan zulmanani mayray pyaray Rasoolay madni.

Rashk jannat hai tayra Madinah mushk amberr say behtarr paseena
Tayray qad pay fida gulbadni Mayray pyaray Rasoolay madni.

La-kay Qur’an rangdi Khuda-e meethay lafzon ki lazzat chikha-e
Shahd jannat thhee sheereen sakhni mayray pyaray Rasoolay madni.


O my beloved Messenger of Madinah, your teeth are similar to the pillars of the Paradise. O my beloved Messenger of Madinah may the beauty of the garden be sacrificed for your beauty. You shone like a beacon in the Kaaba and the creatures of God acknowledged your mission. Oh, what a glorious reformation? Oh beloved Prophet of Madinah. Even the Paradise has envy for your Madinah, and the perfume of your sweet self. O my beloved Messenger of Madinah may the beautiful flower be sacarificed for your beauty.  You have coloured the whole of the Universe with the colour of the Holy Qur’an a sweet taste because of its beautiful language that even the honey of tlie Paradise has become tasteless, 0 my beloved Messenger of Medina   And when you saw the misfortunes of the believers increasing You promised to plead for them on the day of reckoning.  And Allah has accepted you as our Intercessor, Oh beloved Prophet Madinah.

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