Na ghabra-o Musalmaano, Khuda kee shaan baaqee hai,
Abhee Islam zinda hai, Abhee Qur’an baaqee hai.

Khuda ka shukr hai Allah ka ehsaan hai abtak,
Muhammad Mustafa ka seenay mai arrmaan hai abtak.

Har-ek soorat say qaa-im deen parr eemaan hai abtak,
Zamaana taaqatay Islam say hai-raan hai abtak.

Agarr tumparr falak tootay agarr tumparr qayaamat ho,
Agarr tumparr zamaanay mai museebat parr rnuseebat ho

Parayshaan kis leeyay ho kis leyay tum ghairr haalat ho,
Magarr gham kya Muhammad Mustafa kay tum to ummat ho,


Oh Muslims, do not panic, the glory of Allah is still with you. Islam still alive, the Qur’an is always at your disposal. Thank Allah for the manifold favours which he bestows on you. There remains in your hearts a magnificent ray of hope in the message of Muhammad and in your community there are still many faithful followers of Islam. The people are still puzzled over the magnitude of the strength of Islam.  Even if the sky were to shatter or calamities were to befall you, you should still not be afraid of sticking to the truth of Islam.  Always remember that you belong to the Ummat of Muhammad Mustafa (u.w.b.p.), the final Messenger of Allah. You should be proud of this alone.

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