Labpay aatee hai dua’, bankay tamanna may-ree,
Zindagee shamah kee soorat ho Khuda-ya may-ree.

Doorr dunya ka meray damsay andhayra ho ja-ay
Harr jagan meray chamaknay say ujaala ho ja-ay

Ho meray damsay yunhee meray watan kee zeenat,
Jis tarah phool say ho-tee hai chaman kee zeenat.

Zindagee ho meray parrwaana kee soorat ya Rab
Ilm kee shamasay ho mujhko mohabbat ya Rab.

Ho mera kaam ghareebon kee himaayat karrna
Dard-mando say za-eefon say mohabbat karrna.

Meray Allah bura-ee say bachaana mujhko
Nayk jo raah usee raah pay chalaana mujhko.


My wish becomes a Prayer when it reaches my lips,
O Allah, make my life useful like that of a candle
May the darkness of the world be removed with my efforts
As a moth’s life is full of love for the lighted lamp
And may every place be brightened because of my illumination
May my country be beautiful by my presence
Like the garden is beautiful because of its flowers
May my life be as full of love for the lamp of knowledge
May my duty and actions always be the support of the poor
The support and protection of those who are weak
O Allah: protect me from the evil things
And direct me on the Path of Goodness and Righteousness.

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