Harr darrd ki dawa hai, sallay ‘ala Muhammad,
Taaweez harr bala hai, sallay ‘ala Muhammad.

Mahboob kibriya hai, sallay ‘ala Muhammad,
Kya naksh khush nama hai, sallay ‘ala Muhammad.

Kurr-bay Khuda ho ha-sil, jannat may ho wo darkhill,
Jisnay likha parrha hai, sallay ‘ala Muhammad.

Jannat moqaam ho-ga, do-zakh haraam ho-ga,
Garr dilpay likh leeya hai, sallay ‘ala Muhammad.

Uss-kee nejaat ho-gee, rahmat bhee sarth ho-gee,
Jo parrh kay marr gaya hai, sallay ‘ala Muhammad.

Jo darrd la-dawa ho, yay ghole karr pela do,
Kya nuskha-ay shafa hai, sallay ‘ala Muhammad.

Kaandha badal nay wa-lo ham raah chalnay wa-lo,
Parrhtay chalo rawa hai, sallay ‘ala Muhammad.

Jaanay bhee day aram ko rizwa na roke hamko,
Seenay pay likh raha hai, sallay ‘ala Muhammad

DAROOD SHAREEF is a positive cure for all ills and pains. Peace on Muhammad, the beloved of Allah.  It is a duty imposed on all Muslims, to render DAROOD SHAREEF with love and affection to the Holy Prophet.  The passport to attain nearness to Allah, and to enjoy the beautiful gardens of bliss in heaven, can be obtained through DAROOD SHAREEF.  Indeed, the writing of DAROOD SHAREEF is embedded in the hearts of all true Muslims.

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