The Anjuman Sunnat-ul-Jamaat Association of  Trinidad and Tobago Inc. was founded in 1933 and  incorporated by Act of Parliament in 1935.  As we celebrate the Golden Anniversary of our  incorporation. we dedicate this edition to all those  who were responsible for the formation of the Association and who contributed in various ways towards the propagation of Islam in our country. May Allah bless them.

(Standing From Left To Right ).
Aziz Mohammed, Taheeb Ali, Meharwan Mohammed, Backreedee Meah, Abbass Hosein, Haji Rooknodeen Sahib, S.M. Hosein, Aziz Mohammed (Tunapuna), Mohammed Ibrahim, Hausildar Meah, Nawab Ali, Sheik Hashim Muzaffar.
(Sitting From Left To Right).
1. Not Identified 2. Not Identified 3. Not Identified 4. Belbagai 5. Ishmael Ali 6. Ghulam Hosein 7. Not Identified 8. Peru Meah 9. Hassan Khan 10. Not Identified 11. Hafiz Nazruddeen of Tunapuna 12. Badaloo Meah 13. Not Identified 14. Not Identified 15. S.M. Mustapha 16. Not Identified 17. Khairat Ali Meah

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